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Fig And Almonds Cake

Fig And Almonds Cake

To develop our fig cake product we collect our Figs, previously dried naturally by the Mediterranean Sun. Once most of the water has dried, all nutrients are concentrated.

The fig is a food with high nutritional value, of which we highlight its high fiber content, calcium and iron. In addition it has also antioxidant, antirheumatic and expectorant properties.

The Corona Blanca Fig and Almonds Cake, handmade for over thirty years with Figs of the “Pajarero” variety, differenced by their thinner skin and special sweetness, and the best Spanish Almonds. Achieving an entirely natural and delicious flavor.

The Fig with Almonds Cake is a typical Spanish product, that does not lack in any Spanish home, especially at Easter or Christmas.

Usually it was served as dessert, given its sweetness, but these days it’s combined with Cheese, Jams and Salads, obtaining an excellent contrast of Flavors. You can also enjoy it with a good glass of Wine. And of course, being healthy and nutritious, it’s a good way for Snacking in between hours.

In addition it is also prized for it’s great Energy Source by Students, Workers and Athletes such as Cyclists, Climbers or Skiers.